Apr 6, 2023

Democratizing Cloud Security

We're publicly launching ZeusCloud, an open source cloud security platform.

Democratizing Cloud Security

We’re thrilled to share ZeusCloud - an open-source cloud security platform!

ZeusCloud helps you secure your cloud, from setting up your cloud environment securely to staying secure post-deployment.

Check out our our open source repository!

What's wrong with cloud security approaches today?

Cloud security is a mouthful: infrastructure misconfigurations, identity issues, workload vulnerabilities, and more!

As organizations try to secure their cloud, they run into the following hurdles:

  1. Cloud security is still inaccessible to most organizations. Finding and remediating the most critical risks requires insanely expensive and opaque tools. 
  2. Context to prioritize risks is missing. If you want to connect the dots between different risks or with business context, you’re on your own!
  3. Developers are expected to be security experts. They lack tools to build securely by default and lack guidance to remediate vulnerabilities.

What does ZeusCloud do?

Our team is obsessed with democratizing top of the line security for the cloud by 

  1. Empowering developers to build cloud applications securely by default.
  2. Discovering the most critical risks in your cloud environment, from  misconfigurations to identity risks to workload vulnerabilities.
  3. Prioritizing these risks based on the context of the cloud environment, context of surrounding risks, and business context.
  4. Ensuring your organization can swiftly remediate risks in the code and cloud without becoming a security expert.

Try it out today

Today, our early customers are using ZeusCloud to identify and remediate critical risks in their AWS cloud environments. We’ve focused on misconfigurations and identity-based attack paths. Our roadmap over the next few months includes an IAM simulation engine, secure by default IAC templates, workload protection, and more! 

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Vishal Jain