The Open Source Cloud Security Platform.

Discover, prioritize, and remediate risks in the cloud before attackers exploit them.

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Unified Open Source Cloud Security

Our platform provides comprehensive security controls to help you protect your cloud assets from threats.

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ZeusCloud scans your environment across your accounts to catalog all your cloud assets and identify their relationships.

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Contextual Rules

Define and configure contextual rules to detect and remediate the most important code and cloud risks. Don’t wait for an attack to discover risks you might have in your cloud or code. ZeusCloud provides out-of-the-box riles that help you identify the most vulnerable aspects of your environment.

Effective Remediation

Too many security and engineering teams identify risks and do not know how to remediate the issue. ZeusCloud provides step-by-step remediations as well as context around the risk.

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Ensure your cloud environment is compliant at any time, so you don't have to scramble during audit time. We provide compliance reports for various standards like PCI DSS, SOC 2, CIS, and more.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product.

ZeusCloud is an open source cloud security platform that discovers, prioritizes, and remediates your risks in the cloud. Existing cloud security products are either opaque, confusing, time consuming to set up, or expensive as you scale your cloud environment.

ZeusCloud provides security, engineering, and devops teams actionable insights so they can focus on building product. We’re on a mission to democratize a baseline level of security for all organizations.

Check out our get started docs. Feel free to click around our sandbox environment to get a feel for the platform.

Please reach out to us on our Slack or file a help ticket on our Github.

Please give us feedback in our Slack. You can also file a ticket/issue on our Github.

You can self host ZeusCloud completely free of charge. You can contact us on Slack, at, or schedule some time for a demo for a paid managed version of our product.

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